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36 Narita cho Takasaki City 370-0812 Gunma Japan


My name is Ian Exley, i live in Takasaki City Gumma prefecture Japan


I am 46 years old and married to my beautiful Japanese wife.

Currently resident in Japan for some time now having originated from the United Kingdom which is where i developed my expertise as a craftsman mason and design & build projects builder; successfully completing small to medium size projects; with a focus on natural stone buildings and renovation projects.

Also being a citizen of Australia and having close current ties with the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, I also have achieved professional qualifications in Building Design, Project Management and Construction.

Japan sets a new challenge and has inspired me to expand my services and offer quality reform and renovation project services.



Explore options in today’s challenging spaces and lifestyles through renewal and upgrade of existing spaces!, reducing  costs and wasteful resource production.





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